Sunday, September 09, 2007

Apache note: set up a mod_python server

Though the building of mod_python can be a little daunting under UNIX, it's quite easy to start a mod_python server with apache under the windows platform.

Suppose that a machine has python installed.

First download the apache http server from the apache web site. (you need to find the download site by following the links from the main site) Current version is 2.2.

Second download the mod_python binaries for windows from the mod_python web site. Current version is 3.3

Third install apache following the instructions.

Fourth install mod_python following the instructions. The information in the last page is important. The LoadModule command must be added to the httpd.conf file for apache so that the http server recognizes mod_python.

The installation test can be found the documentation Note that*.py will work. This is because the request url is handed to as parameters.

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